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Astra Logics' on-going commitment to Research and Development (R&D) is the foundation for our company to rermain a strategic driver in the advancement of progress of targeted drug delivery technology. All of our R&D programs aim to deliver highly innovative cancer therapies that currently have few, if any, effective treatment options.

Astra Logics' team of world-class R&D scientists never settle for incremental benefits. Rather, we strive to completely change the landscape of a disease and strive to pursue diseases in any therapeutic area with whatever modality we can.

R&D Strategy
Our R&D strategy serves to align and engage our talent, prioritize our investments and seize scientific opportunities, and is based around the following key components:

  Focus on innovative medicines for unmet needs in patients with serious illnesses.;
  Maintain an expansive toolkit of drug modalities with a focus on biologics;
  Focus on return on investment and operational efficiency;
  Harness external innovation, and;
  Demonstrate the value of our medicines.

Current R&D Programs
Astra Logics is currently conducting major R&D studies in the following areas:

Immuno-Oncology: monitoring changes in T-cell activity in vivo when adding checkpoint inhibitors and bispecific antibodies to Graphene oxide nano-spheres.

Astra Logics believes the most successful approach to more effective cancer treatments involves the combination of multiple innovative therapies which act on different pathways and targets, both in the tumor itself as well as in the patient's immune response system.

Anti-angiogenesis: monitoring changes in therapeutic effectiveness by combining modified nanoparticles with Graphene oxide nano-spheres to co-deliver plasmid-expressing targeting peptides to cancer T-cells. Results so far show have demonstrated good tumor targetability and effective shutdown of tumor blood vessels.

Astra Logics conducts on-going research programs to investigate the potential of novel approaches which inhibit angiogenesis, as well as the possibility of combination approaches that benefit from blocking angiogenesis and altering the tumor micro-environment.

Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs): monitoring changes in T-cell activity when combining activatable cell-penetrating peptides with Graphene oxide nano-spheres.

ADC's are a combination of cancer-targeting antibodies and cytotoxic agents that enable the selective killing of cancer T-cells, and our research is focussed on exploring new, novel antibody technologies to better target cancer cell dependencies, improve targeted-cell selection and overcome the challenges of multi-drug resistance.

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